Why Use Latex Inks?

Latex Inks

Latex inks are probably the most popular choice for large format printing in recent years and the technology involving this printing process has been developing at a rapid speed.

It stretches far better than UV and solvent, and produces a fantastic finish, especially when printed onto vinyl, banners and paper.

Latex inks are commonly used for exhibition graphics, retail signage and vehicle graphics.

They are purely water-based, but come out fully dry and odourless, ready to be finished straight away. This enables a print studio to produce high volumes in a short space of time.

As they are water based inks, they can be effected by heat, so it is important to have the correct temperature set up in the printer profile.

Latex inks are also more environmentally friendly than UV and solvent with 60% of the ink, being water. As well as also being odourless and using significantly less hazardous VOCs than solvent inks.

As you can see solvent, latex and UV inks all have different benefits and drawbacks, but in our opinion latex printing is the most versatile option out there.

At Signature Print the majority of our graphics are printed using latex because of the vibrant finish, environmental impact and speedy print process.

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