How To Create An Eye-Catching Banner

In an ever-increasing digital age, and particularly so during the coronavirus pandemic, it can be easy to forget the effectiveness of physical advertising and marketing.

Whether you have an established business, or you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, vinyl banners are an essential part of physical marketing for businesses.

Knowing how to create a banner is vital for ensuring that word of your business, service or product gets out to the public. We have a look at the four most important elements of design to look out for before you move on to cheap banner printing.

Look out for text size

The main difference between a banner and other physical marketing assets such as leaflets and flyers is that a banner has to grab people’s attention from a distance. A brightly coloured banner will first get the attention, then they will read it.

The larger the text on the banner, the easier it is for people to see it at a distance. Which leads us to…

Keep the message simple

A successful banner will have a simple and compelling copy. Typically, people will be walking or driving when they pass your banner, so it makes it essential to keep your message short and to the point, with the basic information distilled into its shortest and catchiest form.

The font is readable

The banner also has to be aesthetically pleasing, but flamboyant fonts that may work on other marketing materials may not translate well onto a banner, as they may make certain words or characters unreadable from a distance or when viewed quickly in passing. Always use bold, readable fonts.

Use high-quality graphics

While you may want to keep images to a minimum to avoid complicating the message, and leaving enough room for text, always use high-quality graphics that draw the attention of passers-by. Find images that communicate something about your brand.

If you’re looking for quality cheap banner printing, then get in touch today!

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