The Importance Of Typography In Poster Design

Typography is a very important element of the design of printer materials and often overlooked. Whether it’s a leaflet, flyer, or poster, your printed marketing materials need to be reader-friendly, conveying the message, feeling, reinforce your brand identity, and speak directly to your audience.

With such an endless array of fonts and typefaces available, we have some tips to help you design a successful poster form your product, company, or event.

Reduce eye fatigue

An appropriate font can help make your messages legible and easier to grasp. Elements such as line length, font size, and character rendering, as well as others, need to be carefully considered to achieve the best results. Good typography can help reduce eye strain and fatigue and encourage the reader to pay more attention to your printed materials.

Communicate clear messages

Design is vital in helloing to create a lasting first impression and will boost your credibility and trustworthiness. Typography will help communicate your message clearly, highlight the key points, and guide the reader to the desired call to action.

Main types of font

Let’s take a look at some of the more widely known and used fonts.


Serif is the slight projection at the end of a stroke that’s typically seen at the bottom of letters. Serif is often regarded as one of the easiest fonts for the eye to read and is generally used to help convey authority and trust.

Sans Serif

Sans is French for ‘without’, and sans serif font do not have the ‘feet’ mentioned above. It’s considered not as easy to read in smaller sizes, and typical y used to denote simplicity, luxury and exclusivity.


This font type is known for its elegant, light and professional appeal and is often used by traditional and professional companies. This font should be used sparingly and would not be appealing if used as body copy or in small sizes.

Hand Lettering

These types of fonts have the appearance of being handwritten. Hand lettering fonts are perfect for adding a human element to the design to help the reader relate to the message.

If you have large-format designs that need A0 poster printing services, get in touch!

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