A Handy Tip For Christmas Present Wrapping

It’s often the least enjoyed aspect of the festive season, wrapping presents. From oddly shaped gifts, not being able to find the end of the sticky tape, to losing scissors and gift tags under rolls of wrapping paper, and forgetting what you’ve wrapped and who it’s for.

We all know that in the end, it’s worth the hassle, even if your little ones get up in the middle of the night to undo all your hard work. However, we have a hack to help make wrapping presents easier, and also save the amount of paper needed.

1. Place your present on the paper diagonally

Instead of placing it so the edges of the box are in line with the edge, place it diagonally. Arranging the box like this will save paper and make the finished thing look neater too. To help picture how a Christmas card fits in an envelope if you were to deconstruct the envelope.

2. Fold and tape two corners

Fold the bottom triangular part of the wrapping paper up and fold and tuck in one side. Then fold the side up and over and secure it with a piece of tape. Make sure to pull it snug before taping, so it looks neat.

3. Fold the top over

Tuck in the other corner and fold the paper to cover the top of the present. Again, you’ll want to pull the paper tight so it’s snug around the gift. Then flip it over to the other side.

4. Pinch and fold up the remaining two sides

Tuck in the remaining corners and fold the side then the top part. It looks tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

5. Tuck in the top corner and tape

Finally, tuck in the corner of the top flap and secure it with another piece of tape. And you’re all done!

It may take a few to master the technique, but you’ll fly through the rest of the wrapping in no time!

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