Retail In The Age Of Social Distancing

Keeping our distance from other people has become the norm in recent months and we all understand the concept of social distancing. However, with retailers hoping to encourage shoppers back to their stores, what can they do to help ensure people feel safe while browsing?

A recent article for Retail Customer Experience highlighted some of the measures shops can take at this time, and noted that for many retailers, it’s going to be a case of trying different ideas and finding the ones that work best for their location and customers.

However, at the top of the list should be prioritising the safety of both customers and staff. That not only means making sure everyone is wearing masks, but also that your store is sanitised regularly and that social distancing guidelines are made clear.

Printed floor graphics could really help with this, especially around areas like checkouts, or if you want to introduce a one-way system into your shop.

Having posters in your windows that explain the procedure for your store being classed as Covid-safe will not only help customers understand what’s expected of them, but also show that you are being proactive in how you’re dealing with the pandemic.

The Lancaster Guardian recently reported on a groundbreaking approach to social distancing that’s being rolled out at Lancaster University’s Health Innovation Campus. It uses computer modelling to work out where signage should be placed and which parts of a building might be at risk of non-compliance with social distancing guidelines.

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