What Is The Longest Printed Banner?

Banners are a unique and efficient way to get your message across a huge space. As the height of the banner is standardised it is possible for huge yet cheap banner printing to capture a message across a huge space.

As in many other cases of gigantic advertising, the medium itself can be a huge part of its appeal, as was attempted with a banner that measured nearly 40 miles long in Timil Nadu, India.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India wanted to advertise its profession, as well as part of its Chartered Accountancy course, so it commissioned the Career Counselling Committee to create a truly gargantuan advertising banner.

It measured 63.7km long in total according to the Guinness World Records, which is longer than the distance between Manchester and Liverpool.

Despite the sheer size of the banner, it did have competition from the United Democratic Front in Kerala State, India, with a banner which was set to measure 70km and hold the signatures over 10 million people on it, although it is unclear whether it was ultimately ever made.

As well as this, although likely to be something of a joke, an advertising agency working with BMW published the world’s longest online banner ad, which measured 18,000 pixels long, featured over 5,500 words and was said to measure four times the height of the world’s tallest man.

In advertising, brevity and conciseness is key, but in these cases, a big, lengthy message was conveyed in the biggest way possible.

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