5 Tips For Great Banner Design

There’s no need to spend a fortune on graphic designers if you need a banner for a one-off event or charity gig. You don’t even need to possess great artistic flair! With a basic computer design programme, anyone can produce a decent effort to send off to a banner printing service which gets the point across and also looks fabulous.

1. Get the key message out loud and clear.  Make sure the main text of the banner is in a large font size. It needs to stand out from a distance, so passersby can take in the key point with a quick glance. Keep the typeface plain and simple, and not fighting with the background design or colour.

2. Include the what, where, when and why. Once you have people’s attention, make sure all other information they need to take action is situated prominently and clearly. You can contrast it with the headline by either dropping down the font size, or using a different colour or style. Remember readability is always your goal!

3. Consider where your banner will be located. If you know where the banner will be displayed, bear this in mind.  If it will be amongst a clutter of others, you may need to go extra big and bold. The larger the size of the banner the better if there is room to accommodate it! If it is to be displayed on a wall or fence, choose a contrasting colour.

4. Bold contrasts work well. Now is not the time for subtle understatement. Strong bright colours attract the eye, and you can hype up the effect by using contrasts. A palette of two or three bold colours, or contrasting light and dark tones works well. A good tip is to start with a high colour background – it looks great and removes the fear of the blank canvas!

5. Leave some quiet areas. If you clutter every inch of your banner with typeface and design, the effect will be overwhelming. Consider which element you want to draw the eye to most, and leave some space around it. Space your text out and don’t crowd it next to the images.

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