Top Tips For A Striking Banner Design

Effective marketing using large scale printed resources requires a unique design philosophy compared to digital advertisements and adverts in print media.

In order to ensure your banner printing campaign is effective, the key is to ensure your design stands out and gets its message across as effectively as possible.

Here are some top tips when organising banner printing to ensure your print campaign is as effective as possible.

Consider Location

Whilst it may not always be possible to focus on where your banner is intended to be placed, it is important to ensure that the colour scheme you choose stands out relative to its location.

For example, if your banner will ultimately hang on the side of a brick building, it would be wise to avoid oranges and other colours that would blend into the terracotta wall.

Simple, Big Message

At its core, a banner design needs to have a simple message behind it. Depending on its placement, you will likely only have a few seconds of your audince’s attention to grab and convey a message that will endure.

Use large text with clear, bold, easy to read fonts. Remember that your audience will be looking at your banner form a distance so avoid having any small details.

Take Advantage Of Colour

One of the most important aspects of a design is the use of striking colours and designs that are easily recognisable from a distance.

Take advantage of colour theory, particularly the use of contrasting colours that complement each other well to convey your message as clearly as possible.

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