Posters: Inspiration To Get Creative

Posters are a wonderful way to unleash your creative side and can be especially fun to play around with when you’re marketing your business.

Creative Review recently highlighted how one new designer has been experimenting with techniques in poster design. Jack Forrest, who is based in Sydney, set himself a daily poster project to help expand his design skills and challenge himself.

Speaking to the publication, he described posters as “a perfect cross-section of everything graphic design”.

He started his project while he was in the final year of his graphic design degree, during the global pandemic, and has been using it as a way to connect with the wider design community as well as build his portfolio.

“I try to make the posters colourful, engaging and fun with a consistent consideration of alignment and overall compositional balance,” he explained.

While his work is all just for his own portfolio and enjoyment, he has got some interesting examples of how you can make truly stand out posters on his Instagram page. He added that the reason he shares his work on the social media platform is because of the large design community and the opportunity to get feedback from people around the world.

If you’re creating a poster for your business, you might find it a useful way to get feedback on the designs you’re considering before you choose one and arrange for A2 poster printing.

As Mr Forrest noted, typography is an important aspect of poster design and it’s one we’ve explored in our blog in the past too. As we pointed out, getting your typography right can reduce eye fatigue and help you communicate more clearly.

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